*Aboves photo was the coming soon page of the website before the project publicly launched. 
In early 2022, I was intrigued by Web3 & NFTs as a whole so decided to dive in and make my own collection with a friend. Through this process, I've come to understand how NFT traits work from a artist standpoint, how smart contracts are developed and executed, how community around social media and discord help fuels growth, and growing the project after the minting process through constant updates and community engagement creates long lasting value for its holders. 

- Designed the logo and website.
- Designed 80 hand drawn traits over the course of several months.
- Sent through a mixer and generated rarity around1000 items and released for 0.02 eth with reveal taking place 3 days later after mint.
- Developed several main characters with backgrounds, graphic assets, and more.
- Developed wild west 3 month story arc for audience to follow through as holders. 
- Support with Twitter marketing when needed. 

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