In early 2019 I was hired by CSD Social Venture Fund located in Austin, Tx due to my background in business, design, and startup accelerator experience. As their Innovation Strategist, the core assignment is to help scale early-stage startups selected via the CSD Social Venture Fund (SVF), as well as lead diverse projects that build a robust pipeline and network of startups for future investment.
The above image is a visual representation of SVF's pipeline. I was involved in almost every step of bringing in a potential startup/founder for investing in which can easily take 3-6 months or longer for the entire process. 

The below image is several slides taken out of SVF's impact deck that we pass on to interested parties. 
Once we sign investment papers, we kickstart the relationship with a 3-5 day incubator program where we fly in the founders for meeting the executive team and going over some topics with subject matter experts from within CSD. Example incubator week schedule can be seen below.
After CSDSVF onboards a new investment partner and they go through the incubator program, all partners attend a yearly event hosted by CSDSVF. The photos below are from 2019 CSDSVF event at Watergate Hotel in DC where each business gives a presentation to CSD's board and to the people attending. I assisted with running the event, handling video interviews of each founder for future ad content, working with each business on their presentation deck giving feedback where I can. 
Once a partner is fully onboarded, I supported CSD's marketing team on getting the word out through various mediums such as instagram. I also work with each partner on their needs and assist where I can. The design work below comes from a wide range of work from over a years time at SVF.
Thank you for reading my efforts with CSDSVF. I am proud of the work I did there and gained insight into some areas I haven't had before which I am now using towards my new business Summit Creative. Give us a follow if you're interested in learning more. 

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